Bridge Strikes

The impact of Bridge Strikes

The impact of Bridge Strikes

There are on average over 1900 bridge strikes in the UK per year at an estimated cost of £23m.

Bridge Strikes significantly impact your claims experience, including investigation costs, compensation claims from rail companies, and repair costs. However, bridges remain stationary and usually have warning signs posted well in advance. Typically, a combination of events might lead to these incidents, but they ultimately result from driver error.

These could be caused by:

  1. New/agency drivers not understanding the route
  2. Short cuts taken from agreed route
  3. Diversion following traffic congestion on wrongly calibrated Sat Navs

Adequate training and route planning is best for reducing strikes but should the unusual occur and drivers are confronted with a low/narrow bridge what does a driver do?

Without knowledge of the vehicle dimensions drivers can attempt to pass through the bridge and cause a collision. A poster of the vehicle dimensions could be left in the cab for drivers to check.Protocols could be implemented as to what to do when confronted with a low/narrow bridge.

Vehicle technology can be fitted. Telematics systems could alert the fleet managers of vehicles in danger of encountering a low bridge and in cab alerts for the drivers.Interactive cameras can give real time alerts and measure the dimensions against any warning signs on approach.

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